The Dangers of Zip Code-Based Tax Management

How to Reduce Your Audit Risk with Accurate Tax Rate Identification

ZIP Codes: The wrong tool for the job

Using ZIP codes to determine tax rates is a recipe for disaster. One zip code can contain up to 4 different tax rates! Calculation mistakes are almost guaranteed.

But if ZIP codes lack the accuracy sales tax compliance requires, what’s the real solution?

Uncover key strategies and solutions your business needs to properly identify tax rates and jurisdictions. Avoid audit risks and costly penalties with these critical components of sales tax compliance.

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You will learn...

  1. Losing customers, paying hefty tax bills and more – discover the costs of using zip codes for tax management
  2. 2 real-life examples of unstable ZIP code data and how it can apply to your business
  3. Ensure sales tax accuracy each step of the way with these vital tools and tactics
  4. 4 critical components of sales tax compliance most companies don't consider
  5. Easy-to-implement technology solutions that get sales tax right and save valuable time

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